Our Dog Story



This is one of my dogs, Sophie.  I painted this when she was about 4 or 5.  She will be 12 in December.  She is the fifth dog I have had and is certainly one of the very best.  We got our first dog, Sonia, in 1976.  She was an Alaskan Malamute and was a great talker.  When she was 13 months old, we discovered she had Wobbler’s, which was uncurable.  Still, we found a specialist who put some screws in her neck vertebrae to stabilize them and keep them from getting more out of postion.  After that surgery, she lived to be 11 and a half, despite having limited walking ability.  She was a wonderful dog who howled and “talked”.  She loved to go on walks, but at her own pace.

After she was gone, we decided to get a smaller breed and got Mila, our first Siberian Husky.  Mila was very independent and sweet.  She was so determined to get her walks every day, that she literally walked until the day before she died.  When Mila was 10 we decided to get a second dog, another Siberian, but a red and white one we named Kitah.  Kitah was an escape artist and a lover who would go home with anyone who gave her attention.  She developed an autoimmune blood disease when she was barely 5 and died 4 months after the diagnosis.  We got another beautiful red husky named Tango when he was 6, having retired as a show dog.  He had juvenile cataracts and ended up being blind in one eye with limited vision in the other eye.  He never had trouble seeing well enough to navigate around the house and yard and loved his walks, as well.

After Kitah died, we got her first cousin, Sophie, who was just 18 months old.  She and Tango got along very well.  When Tango finally died at 13.5 years of age, we got Tesla, who had just completed her championship at the age of 5.  She is another beautiful red husky and is extremely sweet and well behaved.  When our daughter moved out of our house, she insisted that Tesla go with her.  We got along with only one dog, Sophie, for a short time, until we decided that she was feeling lonely.  We were able to adopt Bop (Chantilly Lace), a two year old who never grew to the normal standard husky size.  She is a darling, energetic dog, and is the first Siberian we have ever had who barks, but mainly at feeding time.

Now that I have bored you with the story of our various dogs, I would like to ask you to send positive and healing thoughts to a friend of mine, Kelly, who is in the hospital with viral encephalitis.  She is the dog breeder who has made all but the first two of our dogs possible.  She is a wonderful person who should not be suffering or be in a coma.  I would like to dedicate this post to her.

Blog beginnings…

My friend Laura has helped me launch this WordPress blog. The main thing I seem to have figured out so far is how to upload images into my library. I am still not sure how to publish any of them. The ones published so far are ones she published for me.
Laura is a friend who lives about three thousand miles away from my part of the country. She is a member of a Facebook Sketching Workshop organized and set up in April 2013 by another friend, Jorge Royan, a photographer, artist, architect and wonderful mentor and friend to literally hundreds of people all over the world. Jorge organized and found other people to help administer the Sketching Workshop which grew other branches such as SW Tools, SW Details, SW Comics, SW Games, SW Portraits, SW Monthly Gig, and several others. Membership is by invitation only and must be approved by an administrator in order to keep the membership at 150.
I will add more another time, but I wanted to explain a little about why I am writing this blog. Jorge’s birthday would have been on October 18. He passed very unexpectedly in August and is terribly missed by his family in Argentina and by his many friends all over the world. His motto was “Everything which is not given is lost.”
I would like to dedicate this first blog entry to Jorge Royan who inspired me and to my friend Laura Vasquez who helped me set this up. Thank you, Jorge and Laura.